Sample Profile: Class of 2014

The following report was published for subscribers in 2013. Anete Brinke committed in April 2014 to Long Beach State University, where she became a freshman starter for both the indoor and beach teams.

Anete Brinke

Scouted by Bill Feldman in Nov.-Dec. 2010, April 2011, and February 2012.
First report published in October 2013.


Height & Positions: 6'1" MB, RH, some LH.  Most experienced at MB.
Indoor Rating:  Level 2A.
Indoor Roles:  Can play MB or RH for a top-50 Division I team. Can play LH in upper/mid-Division I.
Sand Rating: Level 1A.  See Sand Recruits page.
Weight: 144 pounds.
Physical:  Long, light and fast. Thin build with wider shoulders. Jump is quick and easy. Movement is swift and efficient. Block range is outstanding.
Birth Date: May --, 1995.
Name Pronunciation: AH-net-eh BREEN-keh

Contact Options

Post Address: Va--u iela 52/Riga, LV-2xx7/Latvia
E-mail Address:
Home Phone (calling from USA): 011-3xx6--7xx2.
Cell Phone (calling from USA): 011-371-2xx9-1xx5.
Skype Name:


Qualifying Outlook: Will qualify for Divisions I and II by wide margins.
Eligibility Center:  Registered in February 2014.

Academics and English

High School: Riga State Gymnasium #3 (Riga, Latvia).
Graduation June 2014.
Web site: (Latvian language only).
Core GPA: NCAA equivalent is 3.4/4.0.  Latvian GPA is 8.3/10.0.
SAT (October 2013): Math 6x0, Critical Reading 5x0, Writing 4x0.
TOEFL (Feb. 2014, iBT version):  Total score 9x.
Section scoores:  Reading 2x, Listening 2x, Writing 1x, Speaking 2x).
English:  Excellent skills. Far above average for a non-native speaker.
Other Languages:  Native language is Latvian. Has studied German.

College Preferences

Beach:  Prefers a school with a beach team. She’s open to indoor-only and beach-only options.
Academic Plans: Might major in economics or a business-related field.

Indoor Experience

Club:  Riga Volleyball School (2008-current).
Women’s and Youth National Teams (2010-current):
• 2014-15 Women’s National Team individual profile.
• 2013-14 Women’s National Team roster and profiles.
• 2012-13 Junior National Team roster and profiles.
• 2010-12 Youth National Team roster and profiles.

Beach Experience

Ranks among Europe’s top junior beach players:
• Placed ninth at the 2013 Under-19 World Championship.
• Placed 17th at the 2013 Under-20 European Championship.
• Placed fifth at the 2012 Under-18 European Championship.
All 2012-13 results (international events only). Photo #1 and photo #2.

Other Sports

Competed as a swimmer before focusing on indoor and beach volleyball.

Description & Analysis

• Swift, springy athlete and an intelligent, highly skilled player. As a middle or opposite she’s a natural fit for high-Division I. As a beach player she can be among the nation’s best.

• Swings high and quick on an elite variety of sets and plays. In transition she’s speedy, aware and efficient. Especially dangerous out of system. Easy jump and maximum arm extension are highlights.

• Blocking instincts and skills are outstanding. She covers great range due to crisp reactions, fast feet, clean movement, and a light jump.

• Ball-control skills are far above average for a middle, though not special. She’s among the top junior beach players in Europe, but indoors she’s mainly a net player and server.

• In all areas she’s a perceptive, low-error player with an opportunistic feel for the game. She’s comfortable and disciplined at a high level of training, travel and competition.

Video Clips

November 2010 and February 2012:  Warmups and competition at MB.