Player of the Week: March 7, 2018

Each week of the spring and fall seasons, one player who was originally reported as a recruit by AVSR Global is named Player of the Week for an exceptional performance.

Spring Week #1: Anete Brinke

Long Beach State University.

Big West Conference, NCAA Division I.

Reported to coaches in 2013 by AVSR Global.

6'2" Senior. Beach and indoor.

Home: Riga, Latvia.

See Anete Brinke’s bio at the LBSU website.

Latest Action:

• Brinke opened the beach season with three quick wins in straight sets.
• She teamed with Sasha Karelov to lead Long Beach State over Arizona, Cal State Northridge and Cal State Bakersfield.
• LBSU is ranked seventh nationally. The 49ers are aiming to return to the national championship tourney for the fifth time in seven years.
• Brinke has been an outside hitter for LBSU’s indoor team. She played middle for Latvia’s national team at the women’s and junior levels.

Excerpt from 2013 AVSR Global report:

“A swift, springy athlete and a clean, perceptive player. Comfortable and disciplined at an elite level of training and competition. … In beach volleyball she’s among Europe’s top junior players.”