About AVSR Global

AVSR Global is on the scouting trail, finding recruits and reporting them to subscribing coaches. Here’s what you need to know.

What will I get by subscribing?

You’ll get accurate news about eligible, high-quality international recruits who are available to American collegiate teams.

How detailed are the reports?

Extremely. They combine critical, in-person scouting with comprehensive reporting. Subscribers get a clear, unbiased view of each recruit as a future collegiate student-athlete.

Whom does AVSR Global serve? Coaches or athletes?

Coaches only.  It’s a news service for coaches — not an agency for athletes.  Bill Feldman, the scout and publisher, is a journalist working for coaches. He doesn’t promote or represent athletes.

Who pays for AVSR Global?

Subscribing colleges pay for the service. American coaches pay to subscribe, and that’s who is served.

Who finds and evaluates the recruits?

Bill Feldman does the scouting. He searches for elite recruits, and he reports only a select few of the players he sees. His track record has earned Bill the trust of coaches for his precision and insights as a talent scout.

Does AVSR Global “place” athletes with favored schools?

Never. AVSR Global serves all subscribers equally by publishing complete scouting reports on available recruits. There’s no dealmaking. Each subscriber gets all the right info to recruit the athletes directly.

At what levels can the recruits make an impact?

Mid-Division I or higher. Some can thrive for top-25 Division I teams. Most are better suited for mid-level teams. AVSR Global recruits have competed in 37 conferences in DI, DII, DIII, the NAIA and the NJCAA.

Do two-year colleges subscribe?

They do ... and they win. Every year, some of the nation’s top junior college teams find key recruits by subscribing. Most AVSR Global recruits go directly to four-year schools, but some each year choose junior colleges.

Can I see video of the recruits?

If you prefer to evaluate players by video, AVSR Global isn’t for you. It’s a scouting service, not a video service. Critical, in-person scouting and reporting are the keys. However, video clips accompany each report.

Is AVSR Global a full-time, year-round service?

Absolutely. Reports are published and updated continually. Bill Feldman is a full-time volleyball scout, working exclusively for American coaches.

What countries does AVSR Global cover?

There are no boundaries. AVSR Global has reported athletes from Estonia to New Zealand, from Mexico to Luxembourg. The primary focus is central and eastern Europe.

What is the “AVSR” in AVSR Global?

American Volleyball Scouting Report, founded in 1985, served as the USA’s premier domestic volleyball recruiting service for two decades.

Are American players still reported by AVSR Global?

No. After 20 years as the top domestic volleyball scouting service, AVSR became AVSR Global, reporting only on recruits beyond the USA.