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Recruiting services come and go in volleyball. Only AVSR Global has earned the long-term trust of collegiate coaches by serving them in a superior way. AVSR Global remains in its own class, continuing to excel.

Since 1985, American Volleyball Scouting Reportnow AVSR Globalhas been the premier scouting service for collegiate coaches. It started at home, focused on American players. Since 2006 it’s been a gateway to the world.

For coaches at all collegiate levels, AVSR Global is a passport beyond recruiting in the USA. It’s an entry to international recruiting, especially for coaches without foreign connections.

Publisher Bill Feldman broke up the insiders’ game of foreign recruiting by launching AVSR Global. He believes coaches with private connections shouldn’t hold secret advantages. He serves all subscribers equally with a critical scouting eye and precise reports on USA-bound recruits.

Originally based in Chicago as volleyball’s top domestic scout, Bill now scouts foreign players only. His fidelity to quality reporting hasn’t changed. It remains the core of his service to coaches.

The court of global recruiting is open to all coaches.  Take a look.